Speak Inside the Box by Dave BrickerSpeak Inside the Box  Today’s speakers, trainers, and leaders struggle to engage colleagues and clients inside the “box” of viewers’ computer and cellphone screens. SPEAK INSIDE THE BOX offers simple, practical advice for on-screen presenters.

Whether you’re a professional speaker, a business leader, a solopreneur, or a team member wanting to build new skills, SPEAK INSIDE THE BOX is your essential, illustrated guide to becoming an effective on-screen presenter and leader.

Stand & Deliver by Dave BrickerStand & Deliver: Ten Historic Speeches to Practice & Deliver  Actors learn and practice monologues; speakers benefit by doing the same.
Expand your speaking skills with this collection of ten short historic speeches and speech excerpts. Practice the art of oratory with Abraham Lincoln and Lou Gehrig. Fight on the beaches with Winston Churchill. Join the March on Washington with Josephine Baker. Ask what you can do for your country with John F. Kennedy.

StorySailing®: A Guide to Storytelling for Speakers, Trainers, & Coaches Effective speakers wrap their messages in stories—but few understand what stories are and how they work.This brief guide explores why some narratives connect with listeners and others don’t. Examples—including a few of the author’s nautical adventure tales—reveal powerful techniques you can use to pressure-test your presentation style. Find, craft, and share your story to change hearts, minds, and fortunes.

The Story Story: A Voyage Through the Islands of Connections and Engagement for Writers, Speakers, Professionals, and Visionaries is a story about storytelling. Too many books have been written ABOUT storytelling. But if stories are so powerful, why not use a story to teach about stories? This is a non-fiction business book wrapped in a novel.

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